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WARGAMES ELITE is  the sister site of SATANIC PANIC MINIATURES which produces exceptional 28mm multi-part miniatures based on classic fantasy themes,

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Well, here we go!

By guest, Dec 30 2020 03:24PM

It's been a whole 48 hours since I bought the former Emperor's Little Soldiers range to expand the Satanic Panic Miniatures portfolio into historical miniature gaming.

I'd been looking for a Mongol army for my own collection and ended up actually buying a range, whcich, by great good fortune was also sculpted by Martin Buck, the genius behind all of the Satanic Panic fantasy ranges.

Once I get a few housekeeping bits and bobs done, we can look at adding a small range of infantry to the cavalry.

Personally, I'm a firm believer that wwhen it comes to murderous Steppe warriors, 4 legs always beat two, but as with all of my previous ranges, I want to do things properly.

It goes without saying that you could certainly use the Mongols as Eastern fantasy troops, if you wanted.

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