High quality 28mm historical miniatures hand sculpted and cast in the traditional manner for collectors, miniature gamers and painters.


WARGAMES ELITE is  the sister site of SATANIC PANIC MINIATURES which produces exceptional 28mm multi-part miniatures based on classic fantasy themes,

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MAD1 - Mongol Army Deal


This is a great deal, for those who want a large tabletop force, at a great saving on individual pack prices.

The deal contains the following:

7 Generals and high command (one of each character we make)
24 Guard heavy cavalry on barded ponies
36 Heavy cavalry on unbranded ponies
96 Light cavalry on unarmored ponies

Retail on these is £552.75 so you are saving over £100

Postage is included in the UK.

For overseas customers, we will charge postage based on the service you require after purchase. This means we can tailor shipping to the best available option at the time.

NOTE: These will be cast to order. No alterations can be made. We'll make sure you get plenty of variety, so don't worry